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Digital & Analytics

Digital Transformation

From strategy to marketing, and operations to organisation, we make a 360 approach with digital to enable our clients to realise the optimum benefits of transformation. From visualising everything digital to realising it, we guide through the entire journey of digital transformation process.

We identify the threats and opportunities digital disruption beholds, empower businesses to sublime threats and leverage opportunities by building the roadmap to digitally enabled future.

The Connected World: With Digital, the entry  barriers are vanishing giving way to new competitors, changing customer experiences and making existing technologies obsolete. Digital disruption is a game changer and is headed to transform every industry. Our Digital Opportunities and Threats Identifier methodology helps businesses make strategic decisions well in advance thus enabling you to embrace digital fully equipped. Each digital opportunity or threat is evaluated to identify where it will impact the business and the severity of it. Digital transformation is critical to a business's future.

Be Digital Ready: Being digitally enabled is  a prerequisite in the new era of connected world . Our DigiSense framework gauges readiness of a business for digital transformation in the four key areas of vision, organisation, technology and culture. We help businesses by highlighting the strengths to build on and the weaknesses that needs to addressed.

Digital Eye: Digital transformation must be at the core of a firm's vision of the future if it is to become a real competitive advantage. Our experts work with you to define the firm's digital aspirations in light of your current capabilities and the evolving external scenario.

Embark Digital: With the vision defined, we develop the digital playbook  to achieve it and  structure them in a phased manner to sequence their implementation. We then build the transformation roadmap to guide actions and provide a reference point to keep a track on the milestones achieved.


Advanced Analytics

The science of data with the sense of business.

Unlike pure play analytics firms, we combine cutting edge data science with strategic depth and business experience to achieve real business results that resonates across all business verticals.

We help realise the untapped potential of big data through the incredible power of data analytics and machine learning. Our data analytics experts give tailored insights that deliver tangible real business results.

Unlock the Data Power: Data is a strategic asset, it has surpassed the oil in terms of value. We help identify a firm's current internal data sets and audit them to evaluate their richness and completeness. We also locate relevant external data sources so that they can be combined with to give unprecedented insights.

Harnessing the Analytics of Data: With our ability to understand a firm's business model at granular level and the critical performance drivers, we identify analytics use cases that generate the greatest impact in for a firm's business.

The Data Analytics Toolkit: We identify the latest and bespoke tools for a firm's use cases, train the model, and continuously add an increasing no. of data sets to improve its accuracy through a process of machine learning.

Deliver Business Growth: By leveraging our strategic and operational expertise to develop actionable recommendations, we translate the new insights from a firm's data into real actionable insights for the business

Build an advanced analytics engine: Through identifying the right technology and talent, and then transferring skills into the organisation, we help our clients create an in-house analytics division that will become a new source of competitive advantage.

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