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Business Transformation

We inform our client's strategic and operational decision-making with robust quantitative analysis and insight. Our team’s wide range of skills, from corporate finance and financial modelling to operational research and advanced data analytics, combined with deep industry knowledge, allow us to enhance our client's understanding of the uncertainties and risks they face, and reinforce confidence in capital allocation decisions.


Performance Excellence

We help companies to improve performance and profitability through our tried and tested approach. The levers identified help in improving business performance and deliver rapid short-term results and lasting long-term change. We guide and mentor our client's team through the performance improvement process to achieve their full potential.


Sales&Marketing Transformation

We help transform our client's sales and marketing functions for the new age digital and social. We apply the latest thinking and cutting-edge digital technologies to transform their sales and marketing at par with the new age best practices. From envisioning their future sales and marketing organisation to making it a reality, we plot the path to transformation and guide them along the way.


Our turnaround engagements help our clients achieve rapid improvements in the financial health of the business and etch a new path to a long-term sustainable growth. Through rapid diagnosis and targeted action, we stabilise the financial position without undercutting the future growth potential. We go beyond the financial aspects of business turnaround and look at the larger strategic picture to better position the client for a return to growth.

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