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Market Intelligence

We help our clients to navigate the turbulent and ever-expanding business environment, offering crucial external business information and expertise in its efficient management and utilization. We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision-making and strategic planning. As our client, your decision makers are informed with the most relevant and updated data as per your requirements.

Industry Monitoring

Through our Industry Insight news monitoring services, our analysts select and summarize the most important and relevant news according to your criteria.

The service provides concise and consumable information about changes in your industry, competitors, and customers.

Industry Insights monitors sources from global publications, regional and nation media as well as local newspapers. The monitoring results can be delivered in a variety of formats.

Competitor Profiles

The uniform structure of our competitor profiling solutions supports easy comparisons and benchmarking between peer companies.

Identify the players in your market to watch and who may be presenting your organization the opportunity for valuable market share.

Market Research & Analysis Services


AB Capital is known for the ability to operate at the forefront of the widest range of industry sectors.

With a deep domain knowledge, our team of  analysts and consultants work with the world’s leading technologies and methodologies, to provide solutions that are perfectly positioned to provide the expertise and resource to support any business.

Strategic Intelligence

For organizations who require a deeper understanding of their market, we deliver customized analyst and technology solutions that lead to actionable strategic intelligence for informed decision making.

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