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Merger & Acquisition

Our services in the category of Merger & Acquisition includes M&A Strategy, Deal Origination, Buy Side Advisory, Sell Side Advisory, and Valuation

M&A Strategy

Global markets today are full of opportunities, thanks to seamless connectivity and ease of doing business. However, doing business in new geographies, particularly for first time investors, is not without risk for those who are not well-versed with local business practices and customs.

Deal Origination

We are one of the most active deal originators globally. We understand that network and reputation are vital to concluding successful deals. We maintain a high level of awareness about all major acquisition and divestment activity across geographies.

Buy Side Advisory

We have an  extensive experience of advising on acquisition deals. In a discipline where local knowledge counts, our professionals are truly a team you can rely on every time you are about to buy a target company.

Valuation Services


We advise clients in making informed investment decisions by deriving fair valuations using new age methodologies, complex models and analytics and assessing impact on various stakeholders.

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