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Equity Capital

With AB Capital, raise funds for your Startup with confidence and ease without affecting your day to day business commitments.

We don't just help you raise funds but you have an added advantage to discover, connect, and build relationships with  our network of global investors.

Be Investor Ready


We work hard with you to align you and your startup as per the network investors' benchmark that potrays you as a seasoned and a promising startup on the Demo day.

We Do the Heavy lifting

Our team owns the entire screening and oversees the entire investment process. We shield founders from multiple, long-drawn pitches, like those via networks & platforms. 

Global expertise


We believe in being engaged without being nosy. Our team actively gets involved in devising the portfolio companies' strategy and direction. We open our global networks & knowledge for the founders to leverage.

What It Takes


Though raising with us has many perks one of them being putting you on an accelerated fundraising path, the screening process is stringent and less than 10% of the startups have been selected for the fundraising process till date. Our sole aim is to have a great-quality portfolio that we can proudly connect to our network investors. This helps us in helping credible startups raise efficiently. We work with only gritty founders that exhibit endurance, curiosity and a fire in the belly to challenge the status quo.

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