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Strategic Advisory

The journey from a company to a leading conglomerate requires well-thought strategies to be planned well in advance. We help our clients realise that aspiration through our bespoke strategic advisory services.

Corporate Strategy

Bringing Focus to Vision: It happens quite often that during rapid economic growth, companies foray into new and sometimes uncharted waters but eventually the momentum weakens and companies find it difficult to sustain the new lines of businesses. We align with the founders and decision-makers to understand business aspirations and bring clarity to the vision of the company for future growth.

Portfolio Restructuring: Each company has its own personality and no matter how capable the team, a synergy is required to leverage the team's capabilities in order to succeed. We help bring efficiency in group's approach in order to maximise optimum performance across portfolio companies.

Redefine Management Structure and KPIs: We help businesses identify industry best practices and based on them, define bespoke KPIs to track performance across all verticals. Next, we redefine organisation structure and work towards apt strategies based on the newly defined KPIs.

Orchestrating Mergers & Acquisitions: Not all businesses are meant to be flagships. We help our clients identify, streamline or divest, the underperforming business vertical(s) as they slow down the overall growth of the group due to poor alignment with the group's vision and capabilities. We also help them identify the missing part of the puzzle and recommend the right acquisitions to complete the bigger picture. 

Growth Strategy

We are a firm believer of 'the blue ocean strategy' and therefore work with companies to identify their aspirations and aligned to that we identify attractive market opportunities for growth and build innovative strategies with an industry first approach.

Identify strategic growth opportunities of the future: We devise multiple growth strategies and chart innovative ways in which companies can increase market share, enter new market spaces, or conquer new geographies. We help them identify the opportunities that are worth pursuing in accordance with their inherent strengths and the external market dynamics.

Identify growth avenues: For every identified growth opportunity there could be multiple ways to approach it, some traditional and some innovative. We assess a mix of these options by building a better understanding of our client's customers, identifying areas of innovation, and looking at opportunities to partner or acquire to power growth.

Roadmap to growth: We chart a detailed roadmap highlighting all the growth milestones. Incorporating strategic, financial, and organisational imperatives, a company's growth plan guides its leadership team through the hard choices that lie ahead.

Market Entry Strategy


We provide multinational companies with the strategic acumen and on-ground expertise to enter and profitably grow their business in the world's fastest growing economies.

  • Identifying revenue maximizing opportunities

  • Acquiring new clients through road shows, lead generation and seminars

  • Expanding sales and distribution network

  • Improving efficiency to achieve greater profitability

  • Divesting under-performing partnerships and ventures

  • Expanding business inorganically

  • Diversifying in new products, services or markets

  • Enabling corporate ventures - Organising trade fairs, exhibitions and business events

  • Promoting brands across geographies

  • Driving change through on-going competitive and market analysis

  • Hiring right talent to lead and grow the business

Business Unit Strategy

We help our clients make the right decisions for strategic business units to build a stronger brand, grow market share and increase profits.We evaluate their capabilities in light of competitive threats and market opportunities to develop a winning strategic plan.

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