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Transaction Advisory

Be it sell-side, buy-side or M&A, we support our clients across the entire life-cycle of the transaction or on any specific component thereof. With an optimal blend of off-shore and on-shore execution, our clients benefit from our value for money support during the transaction.


Opportunity Assessment

We conduct detailed opportunity assessments factoring in strategic objectives, key drivers of the underlying business, analyzing viability through flexible financial models and identifying potential risks.


Financial Modeling and Valuation

We prepare dynamic and comprehensive financial models that facilitate decision making. Our models incorporate complex business situations, possible risks and alternate scenarios that help predict outcomes and identify optimal choices. 


Transaction Documentation

​We assist our clients in preparation of transaction related documents such as Investment Teaser Pitch Book, Investor Presentation, Information Memorandum (IM) that effectively communicate with the various market participants.


Due Diligence

Our due diligence focuses on analysis and validation of all financial, operational and strategic aspects of a transaction. It brings out the key strengths and areas of concern/ risks associated with the underlying transaction.

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